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Why Choose Job Resource Group for Technical Staffing?
Since 2009 Job Resource Group has been the technical staffing source that corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations rely on for top technical talent to support important IT initiatives. We've won the confidence of IT leaders by understanding their business initiative, their organizational culture and then presenting candidates that fit their needs - quickly and reliably. That's why we have many long-term client relationships on our client list.
Here's how we do it:
We foster development of career recruiters:
By hiring and retaining experienced recruiters, we accomplish two key goals: identifying and qualifying technical talent who will be appropriate placements and then developing and preserving long-term relationships with our technical talent so our recruiters can recommend the best fit for a specific assignment or permanent placement opportunity. Our recruiters have been in the technical placement industry for an average of 10 years so our clients are not depending on an entry-level person trying to qualify senior technical talent.
A Job Resource Group recruiter is a skilled recruiter who understands how to identify and motivate technical talent, is knowledgeable with all key technologies and wants to understand the kind of assignment and environment where each consultant will be most effective.
 We maintain and develop a customized CRM of technical talent: 
We seek highly skilled candidates and then screen them face-to-face or through an extensive interview. We check candidates' manager references. The screening process is part of our Job Resource Group Quality Management program that is scrupulously adhered to so we can assure our clients of the best talent available. We assign a dedicated account manager to each client:
By providing a single point of contact for you, we aim to expedite the identification of the best candidate for your IT project or permanent placement. Our goal is to provide the best match of talent to your environment quickly by providing you with a dedicated account manager. We offer a comprehensive range of staffing services:
We can identify a single consultant for a short- or long-term project, a project team for a complex IT project, a permanent placement for a full-time opening and training and documentation expertise to assist with project rollouts to end-users.
Track record of superior service:
We have a track record to support our contention that we are a superior staffing service. For the past 2 years Job Resource Group have developed long-term relationships with corporate, government and non-profit clients so we can provide references across industries and across placement types to support our claims of superior service. Consistency of quality service has fueled Job Resource growth from our Dallas/Fort Worth roots.
Save clients time and money:
We save clients time and money because of straight-through processing. By investing in a processing software solution, we reduce errors in billing and process all transactions efficiently for you and we can provide customized reporting for each assignment.

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